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Wine is more fun with friends! Introducing new social features on wine.com

Hi there! I’m Cam, the director of customer experience here at wine.com.

We’ve been working hard to bring you helpful and exciting features over the past few months (you might have noticed “look ahead search” and brand new personalized account and recommendations pages) and I wanted to introduce our latest upgrades that make the wine.com experience more fun and social than ever.

We teamed up with a 3rd party called Sociable Labs to add some exciting social features to the website. Everyone can see the new widgets, but only people who have connected their wine.com and facebook accounts will add activity to the widgets. (Note: don’t worry, your activity on wine.com won’t be shared unless you connect your wine.com and facebook accounts and have sharing set to “on”!).

There are four new features/widgets:

1. A new header that will allow you to connect your account with facebook if you want to use the social features. Just click the “connect with facebook” link and you will be connected in just a few clicks. Once you connect your account you will see your facebook profile picture and some new drop downs and options. This is where you can see your recent activity that has been shared and set your sharing settings. When you see “sharing: on” we will automatically publish a short story to facebook when you comment or review a wine and when you make a non-gift purchase.

See your activity and delete any items you didn’t mean to share. Hit “turn sharing off” if you don’t want your activity automatically published to facebook.

2. You will see a social sidebar on all pages except the cart and account pages. If you navigate to wine.com on a browser that is at least 1250 pixels wide (normal desktop monitor, but not an iPad or a phone) you will see a whole new element floating off to the right with a stream of wine.com activity in it. Only activity from users who have connected their accounts with facebook will appear here. If you connect to facebook and you have friends that have connected to facebook and done things on wine.com their activity will show at the top! Hover over the entries to see more detail on products.

Social Sidebar
See what facebook users are doing on wine.com right now! You can hover over stories to read more about the products and comment.

3. My favorite, a new “live feed” page that shows all the recent activity of customers who have connected with facebook  (note: get to it by clicking the “live feed” link in the header). Its a neat way to discover new products in a very visual style. Go ahead and try it – be sure to scroll down to the bottom and see “infinite scroll” in action!

live feed
the live feed shows a live stream of wine.com activity for users who have connected their accounts with facebook

4. When you make a purchase you can choose to share your purchase to facebook. Even if you haven’t connected your wine.com account with facebook you can use this feature, but you will have to sign in with facebook first to use it.

After you make a purchase you can choose to share one of the products with your facebook friends – you might even make a few new friends who want to come drink it with you!

I hope you enjoy the new features, if you have any ideas, requests or questions shoot me an email at cfortin@wine.com.