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Nero d’Avola
(NEH-roe Dah-VOE-lah)

Sicily, the warm island off the coast of Italy, has found its grape hero. Nero d’Avola has long been the indigenous grape variety of the area, but was originally relegated as a blending agent to add color and body to other wines of the region. In the past few decades, Nero d’Avola has come into its own, bringing Sicily well-deserved winemaking recognition.

Notable Facts
Also known as Calabrese, Nero d’Avola has become the most popular grape grown in Sicily, making wines from 100% of the variety rather than blended. Its wines are dark in color, big in fruit flavors, well-suited for oak and able to age for quite a few years, although most are good drinking upon release too.

Successful Wine Region:
Sicily, Italy

Common Descriptors:
cherry, plum, raspberry, spice, smoke

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