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Gamay is a pale colored grape, best associated with the region of Beaujolas. In fact, few regions or grapes are so wholly intertwined with one another. After being universally rejected by the rest of Burgundy in the 14th century, Gamay found its niche a bit further south, in Beaujolais. Beyond that part of France, Gamay can also be found in certain areas of the Loire, as well as Switzerland.

Notable Facts
Gamay is light and thin-skinned, yet tough. Lively acids and virtually no tannins produce wines of similar characteristics. It is ideal for the carbonic maceration method used in Beaujolais, although that is certainly not the only fermentation method used. The flavors of Gamay wines are of fresh red fruits and floral notes. Best consumed young, this wine benefits from slight chilling.

Successful Wine Region:

Common Descriptors:
strawberry, cherry, floral