3 Under-the-Radar Whites for Summer Sipping

While Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio are sure to make an appearance at any summer picnic, party or happy hour, there are a few other summer whites that are sure to beat the heat and will let you venture out beyond your traditionally summer sippers.

Here are our top 3:

Muscadet: Simple, yet terribly refreshing and full of “minerality,” meaning it’s crisp and light and reminiscent of a stone walkway after a hard rain… Affordable, and a perfect match for any seafood, especially oysters!

Vinho Verde: Lunch wine! Slightly effervescent and low in alcohol, this dry, refreshing wine is perfect in a plastic cup, as a big, cold glass on a hot day, or even as the base for a good white Sangria! Pick up a bottle of this affordable, quench-busting wine. Added bonus? it comes in rose form 🙂

Chenin Blanc: Loire, yes. South Africa, big YES! Chenin Blanc from South Africa might be one of my favorite Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay look-alikes. At times it reminds you of a value Macon-Villages or entry-level white Burgundy, while other times, I think I may have a complex Sauvignon Blanc. It’s often under $15, sometimes under $10. The acidity and balance are unbeatable in the heat!

For summer, ideal whites have high acidity, so there are a number of choices for summer sipping, but give these 3 a try. Cheers!

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