3 thoughts on “The Zen of Zin”

  1. First harvest for me was ’80. All the generic wines produced in Cucamonga were Zin based…..basically. We still were so heavily weighted in generics still at that time but we also packaged it as Zinfandel as well. Coming to Lodi, my understanding of how it grows, how to ‘fashion’ it into a ripe & luscious wines without the high alc feel that was turning people off in the late 70’s and into the 80’s. It’s definitely my fav for all around everything with the greatest career challenge……getting one of my own to lay down well. Been working on it for 30+ years now and I’m running out of time to see if my production protocols are going to show well 20 years from now! Thanks for the article Willie!

  2. My first Zin was a purchase from what amounted to a roadside stand of sutter
    Home amador juice. I’ve maintained my
    Love of Zin since….through ridge to ravenswood with some stops along the
    Way with joe swan and edmeades; but, my love of the varietal never lapsed. The ex-
    perience is still fresh and evolving with
    Styles that vary from “fruit bomb” to mild
    austerity. Wow, what a history to be written.

    1. I share your love of zins, I use them for so many occasions and my pals, not always in the wine biz, enjoy the grape as well.

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