Are you ready for some football… wine?

superbowlwineThough not a pro-football fantatic, I keep up with what is going on and being in San Francisco, it’s hard to ignore all the to-do. Plus, Super Bowl watching parties are always fun with the food and WINE. Okay, and beer, too. For this year, here are some picks for what you should be sipping while watching pigskin.

King Estate Signature Collection Pinot Gris 2011 – Easy-drinking, palate-pleasing – this wine is for everyone, with awesome acidity and rich texture.

Peter Lehmann Layers White 2010 – From crab cakes to seven-layer-dip, this super aromatic and rich white will hold up to it all.

Tait The Ball Buster 2010 – This one needs little explanation. It’s decadent and delicious – perfect for February football.

Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel 2010 – This wine hails from the Sierra Foothills, original gold country. Since the term “49ers” refers to those who pioneered their way out to California in search for gold, we find it appropriate for 49er fans to sip on some spicy Zinfandel from gold country, particularly this one at an awesome value.

Raymond Field Blend R Collection 2011 – You may not be on the field to watch the game, but you can sit back and enjoy this savory, spicy, rich fruit field blend that practically melts in your mouth.

If these don’t suit your palate, stock up for the big game with your own favorites & enjoy!