WineShopper Anniversary Week – Crazy about Bubbles!

Today’s feature on WineShopper is a personal favorite – bubbles. Truly, when is NOT a good time to open up a  bottle of bubbly. And securing a case at a deal like this cannot be beat. The way I see it, it’s such a good deal you could BATHE in it. Speaking of BATHING in it, who can tell me how many bottles of wine it would take to fill up a standard bathtub? A question to noodle on.

The deal today is Zardetto Brut Private Cuvee. And it is a winner. slightly off-dry, but super crisp and refreshing, this is the kind of wine you’d want for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert. Drink it at a casual picnic or formal wedding, a bridal shower brunch or 50 year anniversary. It’s just a great, all-around, celebrate anything bubbly! A 12-pack for $99? Yes, please. I’ll take 2.

For today’s chance to wine $100 gift card to WineShopper or, we want you to tell us – what is your favorite reason (or has been your favorite reason) to pop open a bottle of bubbly! Just share with us on the blog, through Facebook or Twitter, and you’ll be entered to win that gift card.

Cheers, Sante, Cin-Cin and all the rest!