Planning for a party? Bottle Math

You’re having a party. Blow out bash or intimate dinner, either way, you have people coming over and they will be thirsty. So how much wine do you have on hand?

The general rule of thumb when serving wine is to have a half bottle per person. But you can almost throw that out the window since that number varies depending on the style of party. Some math to help you prepare.

1 bottle still wine = approx 4 glasses
1 bottle bubbly = approx 6 flutes

You should plan on about 3 glasses (or 3/4 bottle) per person for any party lasting 3-4 hours.

For example:
50 people x 3 glasses/person = 150 glasses of wine
For 4 glasses per bottle, you divide 150 by 4 and get 37.5. Round that up to 38 and you’ll need about 38 bottles.

If that math is too confusing, maybey just go for a bottle a person, something you will definitely need if:

– Wine is the only alcoholic beverage being served

– The party/gathering is over four hours

– Your friends are big drinkers! Don’t want to run out with a crowd like that…

You can account for less (about a half bottle per person) if:

– There are multiple types of alcoholic beverages being served

– You have a good number of non-drinkers.

The cardinal rule is not to run out, so best buy more, not less, and buy what you like so that if you are stuck with leftovers, you’ll enjoy drinking them through the holidays!