It’s Club time. WINE Club time.

veraison1Just 4 days to Christmas and you’re late. Really late. You wanted to get a killer gift, but realize you have no time to shop, have no idea what kind of wine they like, so you’re stuck.

Enter Wine Clubs. We’ve got three incredible wine club options, starting at just $29.99/month. Discovery Tour, Wines of the World & 90 Point Club for those collectors.

The tag line for our wine clubs is: Authentic wines. Premium brands. A great journey. Unlike other wine clubs, the wines we source for our customers are REAL wines, from REAL wineries. No mass-produced overflow juice with a private label, but wines that come from a place you can actually visit, a label you may see on a restaurant wine list, a wine you can get AGAIN if you like it. We pride ourselves on this distinction and hope you will truly enjoy discovering the wines we hand select.

Check out our wine club page here and from now through the end of the year (12/31/2011), enjoy 20% off all Wine Club memberships.

Yes, this is a totally promotional post! But can you blame us? Our wine clubs are fantastic…