Be a prepared guest–what to bring to a party

A few weeks ago, we asked folks to give us their best holiday wine tip. We’ll be featuring (and expanding upon) a few this week.

Lola M. says: “Always carry a corkscrew with you if you are taking wine somewhere for consumption away from home. We keep one in the glove box. I can't tell you how many times we have gone to a party with a bottle to find that the host or the facilities doesn't have one.”

Lola brings up a good point. If you’re a wine drinker and going to a party or festivities put on by non-wine drinkers, it may be worth bringing a wine accessory as well as a bottle of wine as a gift. While you certainly don’t want to offend, people who are not regular wine drinkers who serve wine at parties can have poor serving utensils.  Along with a bottle of wine, you could include a pair (or more) of nice wine glasses or a set of wine charms. And a good corkscrew is always handy to have around, even if you are not a frequent drinker, so bring one to have on hand, or as a gift.