Zinfandel Fun Facts

As we are gearing up for BBQ season, I wanted to share some very cool facts about one of my favorite BBQ wines – Zinfandel.


– Though most often associated with California, Zinfandel is genetically equivalent to the Croatian grape, Crljenak Kaštelanski (don't ask me how to pronounce it) as well as Primitivo, a grape grown in Southern Italy.
– White Zinfandel, while made with the Zinfandel grape, is very different that the red wine. It is a blush, semi-sweet wine, made by removing the juice from the skins during fermentation and typically adding sugar.
– "Old vine" Zinfandel is particularly sought after as it intensifies the fruit and spice flavors of the grape.
– During prohibition, Zinfandel was popular among home winemakers and for making sacramental wine. Though it's proclivity to rot made it less popular for sending to the East Coast and it's popularity was local.
– Zinfandel is a sun-loving grape and can become very ripe on the vine, which, in turn, can lead to high alcohol levels.


The mix of sweet fruit and spice makes Zinfandel a perfect bottle for anything on the grill. We think, at least. So enjoy!