What to drink on your 2 year anniversary

Today I've been married for two years. Though it often seems like much longer (mostly in a good way), I still think it's an accomplishment. 2 years down, 50-something to go?

We went out last night for dinner at a fantastic restaurant in Portland – Bluehour. To be honest, we don't get out all that much. With a 1 year old who has an abnormally early bedtime, we have the evening to ourselves, but it's usually at home. So it's a nice treat to get out, even though sometimes our conversations revolve around work, what we want to do around the house or analyzing the comments made by people at a table nearby. Last night night was a mixture of the three: we talked about new wines coming in to our "green" line up, talked about the garden in the yard and the dining room shades and then I had to ask, do people still jazzercise? One of our neighbors, who had to be in her early to mid 30s, said she jazzercised. (The tables are close together at this restaurant so it's easy to eavesdrop.) This was such a curious comment to me. Whenever I think of jazzercise, I think of Jane Fonda, that Jamie Lee Curtis movie and older women doing aqua aerobics. Am I wrong? Is it back like tight jeans and over-sized shirts? Perhaps. I will be looking into this and find out what kind of jazzercise options there are up here in the northwest.

I digress… what I really wanted to share was the wine we had! Started with a cocktail that was all too good. Luckily I spilled half of it – on the table and on me – which I blame on the glass. The lip of a martini glass is much wider than that of a wine glass, and as I brought it too my lips, I moved to fast and too far, aiming for my normal tulip rim, and voila, vodka and elderflower juice all over. Total martini faux-pas, particularly on your first glass of the evening.

Next course, the wine. Bluehour has a fantastic local wine menu and we were having meat and fish, so we chose an Oregon Pinot Noir. We chose the Evesham Wood "Le Puits Sec" 2007 Pinot Noir. Looked up Le Puits Sec this morning and it means "The Dry Well," so named for the first well the owners dug on the property, which delivered no water. Le Puits Sec vineyard has been certified organic since 2000 and the Pinot produced from it is stunning.

I loved the label, and the color of the wine was pure Pinot. I've had Pinot Noir where you would never tell that it was a Pinot Noir due to its dark, opaque hue. This was bright and lovely. On the nose, vibrant red fruit, black cherry, peppery spice and a very subtle earth note. Very inviting. Palate was bright, with red and black cherry, raspberry, a more savory note coming through, particularly when paired with my halibut and sunchoke puree. Absolutely delicious finish. It was truly Oregon. Burgundian in style, but you'd never mistake it for a Burgundy. Definitely not as dense as California – it was uniquely Oregon. A true expression of its terroir. Runs about $30 and totally worth it in my opinion – a perfect summer Pinot Noir to match your grilled salmon in warm weather. We loved it.

Now, tonight is the actual anniversary and we're eating in, but planning to raid the cellar. Thinking bubbles, but will know more when I assess the inventory.

Any special wines you've opened on your wedding anniversary?