Country Music & Wine

Last night, in case you missed it, the 45th Annual ACM Awards put on quite a show. From the hillbilly twang of Trace Adkins and Blake Shelton to the crossover stars like Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, there was a little bit for everyone. I admit it, I am a country music fan. I grew up on it and I have yet to grow out of it.

image.axd?picture=acadamy thumbIt may seem like an odd combination – wine & country music, since this genre typically conjures up images of beer drinking rather than wine tasting. Yet I've started to notice more wine references popping up in country music songs.

I think the first time it caught my attention was in Sugarland's "Something More," where after she quits her job (in the song of course), she needs some down time with some red wine to celebrate. The duo mentions it again in "Settlin' – "with some good red wine and brand new shoes…" Again, two of my favorite things. I guarantee these two are wine drinkers.

Darius Rucker, once the Hootie and the Blowfish lead singer who has now crossed over to a solo country career, sings about a cheap bottle of wine in his song, "Alright." He then goes on to say he doesn't "need no Dom Perignon" but I bet Darius would enjoy a good bottle of Champagne every now and then.

A recent favorite is by LeAnn Rimes, who says "Every girl needs a good friend and and a glass of wine." Totally.

Deanna Carter sang about "Strawberry Wine," the Zac Brown Band ideal girl has "lips that taste like sweet red wine," in my absolute favorite song by them, "Whatever it is." Chicken Fried, also mentions homemade wine, though cold beer on a Friday night overshadows it.

More amusing references include Brad Paisley's reference to all alcohol in a song called, appropriately, "Alcohol." Sung in first person from alcohol's point of view, Bordeaux, France is referenced in the chorus.

Yet not all country wine references are positive. When Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman," says she "can't swig that sweet Champagne," I sigh and think how misunderstood the sparkling wine category is. Perhaps that goes a little too far.

Can't wait for Lady Antebellum to come out with a wine drinking song.

I know there are more wine songs. Any other country music loving wine people out there who have some country wine lyrics to share?