What is your most memorable wine experience?

cheers Sometimes our best experiences with wine are those that are tied into another special occasion – an engagement, a first date, celebrating a new job, a wedding or a big accomplishment. For others, the best wine experiences are just because of the wine and the people – could be any random Thursday night, but something about the wine, the place or the people with whom you share it, make it memorable. Whatever it is, it’s special to you.

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Stories are the best part of wine, so tell us – What was your most memorable wine experience?

13 thoughts on “What is your most memorable wine experience?”

  1. My most memorable wine experience involves probably one of the cheapest bottles of wine I ever bought! My wife and I were moving cross country from Florida to Seattle. We were driving the whole way with my younger sister who was helping us move and it was long stressful trip. As we passed Arizona, we decided to visit the Grand Canyon.

    After a lot of driving and exhaustive movie, I was just looking for an opportunity to stretch my legs and relax. After doing some of the "tourist things" at the education center we decided to venture out on a trail on our own. We grabbed a picnic of lunch meat sandwichs from our cooler and swung by the park’s gift store to get some chips. I noticed a small refrigerated wine section of splits and plastic wine glasses. The only thing that jumped out was an $8 split of Freixenet Cava and I thought "What the heck! It’ll go with turkey and cheddar sandwiches". So I grabbed a split and a few of the plastic glasses.

    We followed a trail that brought us close to the Colorado River. We hiked for a good hour or so until we got tired and looked for a spot to have our picnic. About 30 feet off the trail we found a nice rock clearing with the most stunning view of the Canyon and river that I’ve ever seen.

    Words really can’t describe that moment with all the color, shapes, smells and sound of simple tranquility. All the stress and strain of the previous week, just melted away. I was in utter awe at the beauty of the world and how lucky I was to be able to experience that moment. Sitting there on the dirty ground with plain cold cut sandwiches and drinking a glass of cheap sparkling Cava was a meal that ranks up there as probably the greatest of my life easily beating out drinking a flight of ’82 Bordeaux from impeccable stemware at a top steakhouse.

  2. My most memorable moment was receiving my OWN bottle of Dom Perignon for my "champagne" birthday. It was a gift from my father, and I was thrilled to have a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the occasion. I couldn’t decide if my birthday was the right time, or if I should save it. And if I saved it, when would be the "right time". A few months later, I was still undecided, and was packing for a move. I packed up my car and moved across the country – actually to a new country! After 2,500 miles, I made sure I packed that bubbly. My first American holiday was Thanksgiving, and as Canadian, who celebrates Thanksgiving in October, it was my first US holiday, and a reason to give thanks at that! Being so far from family and friends, I knew then, that it was "THE" right time. The bottle was divine, and bubbly, all that jazz. But the feeling it brought to my first new holiday experience, and to share with new friends, made for a memorable experience!

  3. My most memorable times with wine are myself and my co-workers in various jobs I have had throught the year becoming wine snobs on the left over wine left from large parties held at these establishments. We have developed a taste in wine that far exceeds our paychecks…: )

  4. The most memorable experience I have about wine has to be, ironically, an order I received from Wine.com just before Hurricane Katrina flooded my home in New Orleans 2005. When the water from the broken levy 2 blocks away drove my husband and I out the morning of AUG 29, we had no idea how severe the situation was. I hastily grabbed a bottle of my favorite Spanish cava, thinking, as we swam up to the roof, that the waters would soon subside and we could return home. As the sun set, we opened the bottle for a bittersweet toast to our survival. Then a boat pulled up and told us we had to evacuate, the levy had broken, the waters were 8’ and still rising and gas fires were imminent. As it turned out, our home was under 12’ of murky water for weeks, a total loss.

    It was the last wine I was to have for a long time as we lived in shelters for weeks, but the memory, and the fact that we toasted our survival will always live on. I still am not home and not receiving any gov’t aid, LOL, so am always thankful for wine.com and the 1cent shipping deals delivering cheer to my often depressing hotel room in CA. I toast to Survival and Hope whenever I can!

  5. one of my most memorable wines, was recently after our wedding. as all brides and grooms, the event was quite busy. We escaped to Healdsburg, ca, the russian river. We had been given a bottle of Cristal. Healdsburg and all of Northern CA was in a heat wave, and Healdsburg was 102 or so. HOT for our area. We went to the pool, and had the Cristal in Styrofoam cups, while halfway submerged. It was better than a reidel champagne flute!

  6. My most memorable wine experience was a few years ago. My brother-in-law invited me to a wine tasting dinner at a restaurant he worked at. The event was sponsored by a local wine distributer looking to sell to the restaurant and us guests. With each course, a different wine was served – starting with white wine to go with the fish and finishing with a red Zinfandel at desert. At the end of the night, the owner gave me a bottle of the Zinfandel, which I could have purchased for $40 per bottle, to take home and enjoy. This being the most expensive bottle of wine I’ve ever been in possession of, I decided to save it for my wife and I to enjoy on our 15th wedding anniversary.
    On that day, I finally opened the wine and drank. I’ll never forget the taste. It was like a bowl of cherries, plumbs and grapes exploded in my mouth – by far the best wine we ever experienced. Yes, I did drink this Zinfandel at the dinner with my brother-in-law but, after seven courses and six glasses of wine, my tongue was quite numb.

  7. My most memorable wine experience is probably uneventful to most, but a great memory for me. My sister gave me a bottle of zin the day my divorce was final. I don’t remember the label. I only remember the ’96 vintage. But it was truly the best glass I have ever had and I savored every sip. To this day (10 yrs later) I wish I’d logged that label. I’ve tried many a zin since then trying to find it, but have had no success. All I can say is that on that sad day, that beautiful wine soothed my soul to the very core.

  8. My most memorable wine experience, has to be on my 50th birthday. I had a large party with my friends and family who flew across country to be with me on this special day. We shared so many different types of red and white wines, champagne too ! needless to say it was the most fun ever and exhausting at the same time. The party lasted for days !!

  9. My most memorable wine experience (but not in a good way) happened about one month ago. I recently moved into a new, and much smaller, home. I purchased a new wrought iron wine rack and placed it on top of my refrigerator. One evening, my 5 year old daughter was deeply involved in an episode of Sponge Bob Squarepants. During a commercial, she came running into the kitchen, grabbed a juice pouch out of the refrigerator, then slammed the door closed, in a hurried attempt to return to her show. The impact of the door closing was enough to send two bottles of red wine crashing to the floor ….. one bottle was an expensive splurge that I purchased while on a trip, and was waiting for the right occasion to open. Naturally I was very sad to have good wine go to waste, but it took me hours to clean the red wine off of my white walls and light colored wood floors. :0( Needless to say, my wine rack is no longer located on top of the refrigerator.

  10. I’d have to say my most memorable experience isn’t something super romantic, or a train wreck of any sort. Just a fun time, with great people.

    My boyfriend, a girlfriend of mine and I went to our local winery in hopes of making it to the wine-tasting. We were newly-21 and wanted to try something "sophisticated."

    We went it honestly thinking that we’d just try a few wines, have a fun time, maybe find a great bottle to give as a gift to our parents or bring over for a holiday…

    Not even close. We had a super great crew pour us glass after glass. Incredible sales & deals made us think twice about just leaving with one bottle of our faves. So what did we leave with? 3 DOZEN bottles. Yep, a dozen bottles, for each one of us. We giggled and laughed our way out the door, figuring we looked like we were smuggling the "good stuff" during Prohibition.

    A great choice, great tastes and great memories. Our first experience at a winery set us off on dozens more trips and ensured that any new vacation destination we went to would not be complete without a visit to the locale winery.

  11. My most memorable wine experience was our drive through the Anderson Valley Appellatia, and our stop at Husch Winery. We tasted the most amazing late harvets gewerstiminer there; we had to buy several bottles; wish we had bought more! And we stopped at the Porter Creek Winery, where the dog had just gotten done chasing the chickens, and stopped in their barn with one lone light hanging by a cord in the barn and had a wonderful talk with the wine maker and tasted some great wine and heard some great stories! We loved our drive through Anderson Valley!

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