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Gosset Brut Excellence NV

Wine: Gosset Brut Excellence NV
Jason C
Paired with:
Chinese dumplings
4 stars

Review: For Valentine’s day dinner we decided to open a bottle of this wine. I had not sippedĀ it in a few years and had forgotten exactly what makes the wines of thisĀ producer so different from … More

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Wine Resolution #1: Drink More Bubbly!

Though not my top resolution, or even one that I write down every year, I do try to do this often – drink more bubbly. More specifically, drink it with food. Sure, we have it at weddings and on New Year’s Eve, but why don’t we open sparkling wine … More

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Buying Champagne 101

One of the questions I hear most often is "what is a good Champagne for ____ price range that I can get for my boss/friend's engagement/sister's housewarming/parent's anniversary/other celebration?" Champagne reigns as the gift-of-choice on so many occasions, and for good reason.

True Champagne, the real stuff from the actual … More

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