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Yes, you CAN find great value Champagne

Champagne has its reputation for a reason. It crafts wine like no one else. You can think of the market in Champagne like real estate in Manhattan. There is only ONE Manhattan and it will always be a high-price market due to the small land size and the high demand … More

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If you could only serve two wines this holiday season…

We’re big fans of the Wagner family. Not only are they the minds (and hands) behind Caymus, one of our favorite California Cabernets, they also expanded their portfolio to include other varieties, and like Caymus, they do these wines oh so well.

We’re featuring a couple of them today because … More

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Thanksgiving Wine Picks

Think it’s impossible to pair wine with all of those turkey day flavors? Believe it or not, it actually is quite possible.┬áPairing wine with all of the variety can be tricky but there are certain wines that pair well with all of your wonderful, traditional turkey holiday dishes. After all, … More

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Halloween Candy Wine Pairings

M&Ms and Merlot? Charleston Chews and Chardonnay? Skittles and Sangiovese? Yes, you CAN pair wine with leftover Halloween candy (or those pieces you swiped from your 4 year olds Trick-or-Treat stash on the sole basis of protecting her teeth).

In the basic world of food & wine pairing, the wine … More

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It’s Club time. WINE Club time.

Just 4 days to Christmas and you’re late. Really late. You wanted to get a killer gift, but realize you have no time to shop, have no idea what kind of wine they like, so you’re stuck.

Enter Wine Clubs. We’ve got three incredible wine club options, starting … More

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