Top 5 have-on-hand everyday drinking whites

Spring is coming! I’m not sure when, but I have a feeling (and am hoping) it is right around the corner. I have already started to build up my “wish list” on for perfect spring wines. Which brings me to the follow up post for the Top 5 everyday drinking reds to have on hand… my Top 5 everyday drinking whites to have on hand! This list is a bit easier. White wines are often seen more as easy drinking everyday kind of wines. And you can often find more gems at affordable prices when shopping whites over reds. So finding 5 awesome whites under $20 is not as much as a challenge as my top 5 reds. That said, finding wines that can wow you a bit, lift your spirit, and most likely please MOST palates is my goal here. So I shall share my top 5:

Broadbent Vinho Verde – Perhaps I’m getting a bit ahead of myself because you could buy this by the case all summer, but it’s also lovely for spring and one of those amazing, affordable, everyday wines. It’s crisp, refreshing, with green fruit, citrus and a hint of effervescence that makes it a joy to drink. Alcohol is under 10%, which makes it more quaffable than most whites.

Argiolas Costamolino Vermentino 2011 – I’ve always been a fan of this wine. Something about it is perfectly spring-y. Probably the mix of refreshing citrus and smooth tropicality (not a word, I know) that makes it so lip-smacking. What I mean is that you have zesty acidity backed by a ripe fruit mouth feel that gives it a lovely balance, one that pairs well with many food or just pleases the palate on a warmish spring day.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Eroica Riesling 2011 – You would think I worked for Ch. Ste. Michelle with how many times I recommend this wine. But I can’t praise it enough! I was eroicalabelpouring it when I met my husband, we served it at our wedding, and it’s a regular staple in our cellar. What I like about it are the subtle Riesling characteristics in a dry style. It is not profoundly complex, nor it is it terribly simple, it’s just the right balance at the right price point, able to drink with lemon chicken, chinese take out and lots of vegetable pasta dishes we start pulling out in the spring and summer. I’d take it to any dinner party, brunch or outdoor soiree as well.

Merryvale Starmont Chardonnay 2010 – It is Chardonnay and whether you love it our hate it, there are still many Chardonnay lovers among us. I prefer Chardonnay that leans towards the mineral side, but appreciate nuances of butter and oak, as long as they are done well and are not overwhelming. This is a great value that fits the bill. While I could live off of drinking Puligny-Montrachet and Meursault, I certainly cannot afford to, so I look for good Chardonnay that pleases the palate without overwhelming it. A good one to bring to parties and picnics or to have on hand for Chardonnay lovers, whether the like the butter bombs or the restrained version, this is an overall winner.

La Vieille Ferme Cotes du Luberon Blanc 2011– I am telling you, if you want something under $10 to pop open whenever and wherever for any reason, this is the wine to have. We’ve ordered it by the case for parties, brought it to neighborhood happy hours and opened it when the weather was too good at 3pm to not have a glass of something in your hand. Not complex or heavy or complicated, just simple and easy-drinking and amazing value. Have it on hand. By the case.