Preserving a wine after opening…

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If you don’t happen to be a member of the empty bottle club, there may be times you are faced with leftover wine and the daunting task of trying to preserve it. Without a helpful “gadget,” some basic options include re-corking the wine and sticking it in the fridge. Even it it is a read wine. Putting it in the fridge slows the oxidation process of a wine so make sure you cool it down in there. If it is a red wine, taking it out an hour or so before you plan to drink the next day will help. Have an extra water bottle around? Because another method to prevent too much oxygen from hitting the wine is to transfer the wine to a smaller container with a tight closer, like a water bottle, and keep the wine in the fridge that way. This cuts down on surface area, though plastic is not as inert as glass, so you would not want to use this method for too many days in fridge.

And we’ve got gadgets to help, too! Two gadgets that help preserve wine are the VacuVin Wine Saver and the Private Preserve. The first is a suction device with a special stopper that pulls the air out of the wine. The second is an inert gas spray that blankets the wine. Both work well, are safe and have the primary goal of preventing oxygen to affect the wine. If you don’t have a device, you can also transfer your wine into a smaller container, such as a water bottle, which will allow less surface area of the wine to reach oxygen. Or you can just re-cork or put the screw cap back on as tight as possible. Whatever method you use, make sure to put the wine in the fridge!

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