International Tempranillo Day

November 8th marks the second annual celebration of #TempranilloDay. And what a perfect day to celebrate a grape that produces wine so reminicent of fall.

So what do you know about Tempranillo? Here are a few facts.

- It’s the 4th most planted grape in the world
- Spain has ove 60 different regional names for this grape
- It’s the base for the majority of Rioja wines
- Flavor profiles include plum, strawberry, leather, spice and tobacco or tea leaves
- The variety takes well to oak and can produce long-lasting wines
- Medium-bodied, medium-acidity, medium-tannins and medium-alcohol – a nice all-around medium wine!
- Favorite food pairings include: tapas, paella, plate of spanish cheese & meat, ham bocadillos

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