Ode to Australia

Happy Australia Day! On January 26th, Australians celebrate the arrival of Captain Phillip and the First Fleet into Sydney in 1788 with this national holiday aptly named, Australia Day. And we toast them on this day with, what else? Australian wine. Australia is one of the top producers of wine in the world, known for their big and juicy take on the Syrah grape, called Shiraz down under.

The wines of Australia range from darn-good values in the $10 – $15 range to incredible and complex collectibles. The latter has started to gain more recognition with collectors and fine wine lovers. The former has always been a hit and both have helped Australia maintain a strong foothold in the world wine industry.

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Here are my favorites from Australia:

Riesling from Clare Valley or Eden Valley: Crisp, dry, mineral-driven whites that are excellent with food, extremely refreshing and downright complex in their Riesling character.

Cabernet from Coonawarra: Due to the unique Terra Rossa (‘red earth’) soil here, the wine has a very distinct aroma and flavor. Cabernet has taken to this soil and climate quite well, though Shiraz is also popular. The Cabs here give a very clear eucalyptus note, with great structure that holds together the soft fruit. Delicious and food-friendly.

Shiraz from Barossa: Dense and delicious, some wines from here define what “jammy” really means in a wine. That said, there can be a lot going on behind all that dense fruit. Big and bold, these wines are not for the light-bodied wine drinker.

Pinot Noir from Yarra Valley: The cool climate of the Yarra Valley, which enjoys coastal breezes of the Pacific, is excellent breeding ground for Pinot. Light, fresh and fruit-forward, the Pinot Noir of the region can offer excellent values. Don’t be afraid to try some Shiraz from the area as well. That cool climate gives the wines a nervy, herbal backbone that is absolutely unique.

Rhone blends from McLaren Vale: Yangarra, d’Arenberg… both make delicious Rhone blends from this area that show what the cooler hilly region is all about.

Chardonnay from Margaret River: Also known for Cabernet and Bordeaux blends, the Chardonnay here is just outstanding. Leeuwin and Cullen are my favorites and they are incredible examples of the complexity that Australian wines can have.

Here’s to you on Australia Day! Cheers!