Fun ways to re-use your corks!

You may prefer screw caps, you may prefer corks. Either way, you probably drink wines with cork closures some of the time, which leaves you with what we like to call, “cork leftovers.” We’ve gathered some pretty fun things to do with those corks, should you save enough up to get crafty.

Probably the most popular, corkboards are great ways to re-use your corks and put them to good use. You can easily find a kit for making one on

corktrivetThe Trivet
Along the same lines of a corkboard, but you need less corks to do it! They look great on the table and last a long time. Kits available on

Christmas Tree Ornaments
From Reindeer to wreaths, there are very cool and crafty ornaments you can make with those corks. Just some glue, pipe cleaners and googlie eyes can get you a great cork reindeer!

Place card holders
If you stand the cork upright, you can put a slit in the top that you can slide cards into – it can hold place cards for weddings (have seen this done), holiday cards if the cork is sturdy enough, or other decorations (maybe a piece of art from your kids).

Big or small, you can put your corks together to make a beautiful wreath. You can include ribbons or bows, but no doubt, it’s a cork wreath.

So get crafty and enjoy 🙂