Bubbly Guide: Your guide to all that sparkles for the holidays

Holidays seem to bring more bubbles. For example, I’ve been on a very modified version of the Champagne Diet. The one where you have only the best but only a little bit of it. My modification is something like this: drink more Champagne, don’t follow any of the other suggestions. So more often, I am pouring myself a glass of Champagne just because I want to feel fabulous. And it’s true, Champagne can make you feel pretty fabulous. Though it does not always have to be with Champange, you can feel fantastic with other sparkling wine as well! Here are some of our favorites for holiday sparkler sipping.

In the value sector…  Cava & Prosecco
poemaAs always, we have the delicious Cava as an alternative to Champagne. Cava is a dry, crisp and delicious bubbly to have for parties and celebrations when you are looking for something refreshing at a great price. Customer favorites include Cristalino, Segura-Viudas and  Poema Brut. All of which are under $12.
Then there is  Prosecco. Prosecco, made in a different method than Cava or Champagne, is often more on the fruit-forward side, with ripe apple, pear and melon flavors, less citrus and toasty notes. It’s great as an aperitf, with dessert or as a sparkling mixer for cocktails. Favorites include: Nino Franco (more dry style), Santa Margherita, and Zardetto.

OTHER Sparkling
Here are three top wines in the $20 price point!

First, Roederer Estate from Anderson Valley in California. This estate is owned by the famed Champagne house, Louis Roederer, and that quality is easily seen when you taste this wine. It’s dry, complex, with layers of fruit and toast. Excellent finish and balance and all under $20. We love this wine every year.
From Australia, there is the Jansz Rose, which ranks as one of my top sparkling wine choices as well.
And Lucien Albrecht Cremant d’Alsace, both Brut & Rose, are both elegant and lovely, great examples of other French sparkling wine.

CDbubblesFinally, Champagne… There are a lot of the same suspects in Champagne, but my biggest suggestion for this genre is drink more rose. Rose Champange is really something else, and should be drunk and enjoyed on more occasions.
Canard-Duchene is our favorite right now due to the fact that the price is fantastic and the wine inside combines full-bodied fruit with refined structure. Delicious.