Wines that Rock

When it comes to wine, gimmicks abound. Funny labels and tag lines can help sell a wine, but sometimes what’s inside doesn’t deliver. But sometimes it does.  Wines that Rock represents that time when a great theme delivers both cleverness AND good wine. Described as “great tasting wines inspired by music,” Wines that Rock takes inspiration from legendary artists like Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones and Grateful Dead. It’s a great concept, and only more so since what’s in the bottle lives up to the name and labels.

WTR GdeadWhat does Wines that Rock say?
“By crafting these great tasting wines with classic music as our muse, utilizing the tapestries from the rock vaults as our cover, and truly creating something that tastes great, Wines That Rock is out to change the boring perceptions of your typical wine.  Wines That Rock is meant to be fun, a conversation starter, an eye popping party gift that makes you do a double take once you actually pop the cork and taste what’s inside.  It’s also the perfect complement to your meal or just what you need when you want to kick back, relax and enjoy.”

Options include labels from Pink Floyd, The Police, Woodstock, Rolling Stones and the newest label, the Grateful Dead.

Some labels showcase the artist, while others call out a specific song by a band. Either way, these are great wines for classic Rock N’ Roll lovers.

As the back of the bottles say: “Pop the Cork, Turn up the Tunes and enjoy the taste of Wines That Rock.”