Wine & Chocolate Pairing

brixBDXPinotI write about this during the holidays every year, since wine and chocolate are two of life’s greatest pleasures, and two items we often pair up in our gift sets. But sometimes they are hard to pair together. We often reach for red wine and sweet chocolate – a dangerous pairing as the sugar in the chocolate can make the tannins in the red seem ultra bitter.

Here is a quick guide to styles of chocolate and matching wines:

White Chocolate
Lots of sugar here, and very little cocoa, so pair white with white – try Ice wine, sweet Muscat or a sweeter style Riesling.

Milk Chocolate
Try a ripe and juicy Pinot Noir from California or a dessert wine, like an Australian “sticky.”

Dark Chocolate
The one that pairs best with red wines, try Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon (preferably ones that are not too tannic, unless your cocoa content is high).

Chocolate desserts
Yum… chocolate dessert. From cake to mousse to souffle, chocolate desserts are popular and delicious. Port is a classic for all types of chocolate – truffles, cakes, etc. All sorts of port, but particularly tawny port, due to the nutty flavor, matches well chocolate desserts, particularly those with nuts in them. Try also Australian Muscat, Banyuls or another fortified wine.

Also, if you know someone who loves chocolate and wine, check our our new gifts with BRIX chocolate. These chocolates have been specifically blended to pair with particular wine styles. We have two gifts for the BRIX pack of 4 chocolates: Bordeaux & Pinot and Zinfandel and Port. Great package, delicious wine and yummy chocolate. Enjoy 🙂