Tips for stress-free holiday entertaining

As much as I love to host parties and family during the holidays, it’s not without the added stress. In a way I feel drawn somehow to this chaos. A peaceful holdiay with just immediate family does not seem like the holidays. There should be lots of people and crazy running around and an out- of-order kitchen to make it FEEL like the holidays. That said, the stress can lead to a less-enjoyable event – case-in-point: my breakdown over my husband accidentally¬†dumping the turkey broth I’d spent 4 hours making. But you know what, it’s just broth, right? Beyond taking a zen-like attitude to it all, there are some tips for making it more stress-less!

Stock up on wine: Duh, this is the blog, so OF COURSE this is one of our tips. But really, keeping the beverages flowing is paramount to hosing a good party. And maybe for keep you sane as well! We recommend at least a half bottle per person, but more if there are no other beverage options or if the party is over 3 hours. Check out our Quintessential Case if you want to have a variety of options.

Plan Ahead: Kind of another “duh” piece of advice, but one to note when it comes to wine – chill your whites and bubbly, pre-open some of the still wines, particularly the reds, arrange glassware (or plastic cups) to where you’d like to have poeple pick them up.

Personalize: Whether you are using plastic cups or nice stemware, make sure you aren’t using more than you should. Use wine charms for nice glassware and a nice sharpie for plastic cups. Less waste, less clean up, good things all around.

Save clean up till tomorrow: You’ll want to soak some dishes perhaps or rinse out one or two things, but for washing the big stuff, including glassware, save it till the morning. Not only will you appreciate your sleep, you’ll most likely break less, especially those fragile glasses! So sit back and enjoy the party and worry about that clean up tomorrow.

Finally, go a little zen on yourself. Nothing is that worth getting too upset over, so relax and enjoy it all, even if everything goes wrong!