Staff Pick: WineShopper Budini 2009 Chardonnay

Wine Name: Budini 2009 Chardonnay
Wine Reviewer: Eileen
Wine Rating: 5 stars
Wine Review: I was super excited to taste this wine because of the description of the wine, its high score, and low price … OK … mainly the low price. I tasted it very cold (right out of the fridge) which is actually not the best way to taste a wine, I learned. You're supposed wait about 20 minutes before drinking to enjoy more of the flavors. Apparently, you don't get all the flavors if the wine is too cold. But I figure that if I'll be sipping the wine for a while … it has plenty of time to warm up before I finish the glass. So on to the wine!

I tasted lots of nice pear and apple and I really enjoyed the minerality. It's a refreshing wine. I love crisp Rieslings and this is similar to that style of wine. I would drink this wine all year round. It's light and tasty enough to sip on its own without food. If you like light and crisp styles of wine … I'd stock up on this one. PLUS, and this is my favorite part … "A portion of all Budini wine sales are also donated to the Dominio del Plata Scholarship Foundation which was established to help fulfill the dream of a college education to winery worker families throughout Argentina."

It's a remarkable wine in every way!
Budini 2009 Chardonnay

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