Chilling white wine quickly and other festive tips

A few weeks ago, we asked folks to give us their best holiday wine tip. We’ll be featuring (and expanding upon) a few this week.

Kayla B. says: “Keep large, metal spoons in the freezer at all times. Stir individual wine servings with a cold spoon to instantly cool the wine's temperature. This serves the same purpose as adding an ice cube, but won't dilute the vino!”

We love great tips for chilling wine quickly. When you realize you want something chilled but don’t have the time to chill it, we look for ways to speed up the process. I’ve been known to throw an ice cube in my wine (wine is, after all 75% water), but it can dilute the beverage and I’d prefer another method. We love Kayla’s tip above about the frozen spoon. At my house, we keep empty wine bottles in the freezer. When we need a chilled glass of wine, we pour a bit of it into the frozen bottle – just as much as we need. Smaller amounts help it chill faster.

Beyond the ice cube, or chilling the bottle down in a bucket of ice & water, you can also be festive! If you’re serving a quaffable bubbly (think Cava or Prosecco), try adding some frozen pomegranate seeds to each glass. This will not chill the wine to the level of cold you need, but it will keep it chilled and looks quite festive. You can also throw frozen green grapes into a white wine, though be aware that those can get soggy.

What are some of your favorite ways to chill down wine quickly?