The Pregnant Palate: Tasting the wines of Langmeil

First a preface on the new series. Being nearly 16 weeks pregnant, I thought I’d try to incorporate this hindrance – and benefit – into my blog. The obvious hindrance would be my inability to drink. The benefit? My enhanced senses for tasting. It’s not easy carrying around a belly in the wine business, but it does give a different perspective!

Tasting the Wines of Langmeil

The other night at a dinner with some wine and food savvy friends, one of them remarked on the rampant mis-pronounciation of Mascarpone. Why do people say “maRscapone,” inverting the “r” before the “s.” I stared at the word. How did I miss that before? I’d be one of those people mis-pronouncing it for so long! I, a stickler for grammar and pronunciation, never noticed this. At least there aren’t that many words that I mis-pronounce like that. Or are there? I can now add a winery to this list of my mis-pronunciations (which I hope will get smaller rather than larger): Langmeil. I have been calling the winery “lang,” with a hard “a” like mangle, “meal.” Incorrect. Having lunch with the Director of Sales and Marketing, James Linton, on Monday, I learned it actually means “long mile” and is pronounced quite similarly, close to “lahng-mile.”

Now that I know how to pronounce it, I was able to taste it. Our lineup at lunch included the following:

Earthworks Barossa Shiraz – a partnership between Langmeil and Yalumba, this