Alternative Packaging. Or, the comeback of boxed wine & plastic bottles

No longer relegated to the bottom shelf in your grocery store, or to bad college parties with beer cups, wines in alternative packages (like boxes or plastic) are making a bit of a comeback.

image.axd?picture=silverbirch1 thumbWe see two main reasons for this.
1. Environment – while plastic seems hardly more friendly to the environment than glass, the new PET bottles actually take less energy to produce and less energy to recycle than their glass counterparts. Who knew? Plus, by weighing less than glass bottles, they take less energy to ship. So, that's three environment-happy factors going with the plastic. Boxes are similar. They are recyclable, weigh less and hold more, meaning there is a lot less packaging waste. The Octavin series of boxed wine hold the equivalent of four bottles of wine.
2. Convenience. What do you do in the summer? You're at a backyard BBQ, at the beach, by the pool, maybe even on a boat if you're lucky! Some of these places are not ideal for glass bottles due to breakage. So bring a box! or a plastic bottle! Easy to transport and will not shatter. The Octavins are great for the backyard BBQ, too. It's like a little keg to keep going for all the thirsty guests. And again, less to throw away. If there's no big crowd, remember that the Octavins claim up to 6 weeks of freshness! They may not last that long, but the plastic bag inside the box keeps the wine from oxidizing as quickly as wine in an already opened bottle. So having a little wine keg in your fridge can last you for some time.
So we hope you give these new, alternative packaging options a try. We think you'll find that wine in a box (or plastic bottle) has come a long way.