The quest for an aperitif

I’m not sure why, but for a couple of weeks, my wine taste buds were off. Not horribly off, but just acting difficult. Visiting my parents for a week in DC, I wanted a glass of white wine while we were preparing dinner, as usual. We opened a bottle of the Roger Lassarat Macon-Vergisson La Roche 2007. I love this wine – it is a fantastic Burgundian Chardonnay with wonderful mineral character and subtle fruit. Alas, it was corked. But mildly. So mildly that others happily drank it, but the muted fruit and slightly-off smell was too much for me. So I tromped down to the cellar for another bottle of white. I found the Château de Reignac Blanc 2005, a wine I had ordered and sent because I so wanted to try. Done & done – I love white Bordeaux. We threw it in the freezer for 5 minutes (which did nothing) and gave it a try. Sadly, I was disappointed in this wine, too! At first I though it was too warm, but even after it was chilled a bit more, not something I enjoyed. Which I admit, made me sad, because I very much wanted to like it – the fruit, however, just seemed too extracted and at the same time, dull. I love the lighter, mineral lift you get from a white Bordeaux and I felt this was lacking. Again, everyone else was perfectly happy with it. But I still wanted a good glass of white before dinner! So back to the cellar I go and fetched another wine sent by me – the Adegas D’Altamira Brandal Albarino 2007. I know this wine, I’ve had this wine, I was ready for this wine. I poured myself a glass and it was… good. Just good, not great, but good. It was crisp, almost like a Sauvignon Blanc for me, but something was missing in the aromatics. Again, tasting delicious for my parents and sister, who by this point just wanted me to stop opening more wine.

I settled for having a bit of the Albarino, but by this time dinner was ready and it was time to move to a red wine. I’m not sure what was off on my taste buds for the evening. I wasn’t sick and I assured my mother that I was not pregnant either. Maybe it was just an off day… or week, since I had trouble finding a red I liked later that week, too. Or maybe the wines were not good – obviously I’d normally not drink a corked wine, but the white Bordeaux and Albarino should have surely pleased my taste buds on any other day.

I was surprised at how frustrating it was, because at the end of a long day, you just want a good glass of white to refresh your plate and ease your mind. Alas that joy was out of reach for me that evening. And again on a few other evenings. Perhaps wines taste different on the east coast.

By the time I left, there were quite a few open bottles my family would have to get through, though I believe they were up to the task.