Thanksgiving Wine Picks

The Thanksgiving table is a smorgasbord of foods and flavors and family members. And it is worthy of some delicious wine picks as well. There are a few paths to go down, depending on when you eat, how many people you eat with and your preference for food or drink calories. A few scenarios to consider.

Rieslings and Beaujolais. These are the classic matches for the Thanksgiving day flavors. Plus, Riesling is perfect if you eat your Turkey meal mid-day and want to stay awake for football and movie theatre trips later on. Many are low in alcohol, which will help you revive yourself from the turkey coma to take your niece or nephew out to play or join Uncle Joe on the couch for a beer and football. Beaujolais is a great match due to its high acidity and light fruit flavors. Some perfect picks because they taste great and will complement rather than overtake the meal are:

Eroica Riesling – I am particularly fond of this wine as it is the wine I was pouring when I met my husband and the wine (well, one of the wines) we poured at our wedding. It is light, crisp and floral, yet with an intensity that will heighten the food experience. It has ripe stone fruits and a zesty acidity that lingers on the palate.

Duboeuf Fleurie Domaine des Quatre Vents 2008 – This is classic Beaujolias – crushed red berries, excellent acidity and a great finish. Perfect match for the sweets and spices that come on the table. Terribly refreshing.

Mild whites and Smooth reds. Got a big family? With one aunt who only drinks white wines and an uncle who will only drink Merlot? Go with what I call the “inoffensive” wines, which are wines that are lovely and delicious, but without anything too “big” to make them stand out. A few picks are white Rhone blends and Pinot Blanc for whites, and Merlot and some red Rhone blends for the reds.

Perrin Reserve Cotes du Rhone Blanc 2008 – one of my favorite all-around whites, sure to please almost any white wine lover and the price rocks – under $10. Well-balanced with ripe stone fruits and bright acidity.

Columbia Crest Grand Estates Merlot 2006 – Classic Merlot – smooth and supple, with black fruits and mild tannins. Great for the table for an easy-drinking red. A great deal at about $12.

All American. Want to drink American wines for an American holiday? There are some great ones out there that will hold up to Thanksgiving dinner. Zinfandel is a classic match. Two styles to go with – jammy and luscious or spicy and structured.

For the first, try 7 Deadly Zins, the second style, go with Kenwood’s Jack London Zinfandel – both are under $20.

Classy and Versatile. For those of you who want delicious, classic wines with your dinner because this is a dinner like any other that you want to celebrate in style, go with Burgundian style whites and Pinot Noir.

Joseph Drouhin Clos des Mouches Premier Cru Blanc 2006 – decadent and delicious, this is an amazing Chardonnay. Supple and creamy texture, bright citrus fruits and crisp apple, will be the star white wine of your table.

Argyle Reserve Pinot Noir 2006 – spice and fruit combine to make an elegant and seductive Pinot Noir. I love Argyle wines and this ‘06 vintage is simply delicious…

Still deciding on our part what to put on our table, though we’ve tasted some great wines recently. Check out our Thanksgiving Wine Guide for more wine ideas. What are your favorite matches?

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  1. May I also suggest the Dashe Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel 2007 and the Domaine Schlumberger 2005 grand cru Pinot gris.

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