Introducing’s Eco Wine Trio

ecowinetrio People are going green, wineries are going green, wine packaging is going green. Green is the new black as they say. So is thrilled to introduce our new Eco Wine Trio, a package that is green in so many ways.

First, let’s talk about what the Eco Wine Trio is… It is a collection of red wines from Boisset Family Estates:

· Fog Mountain 2006 California Merlot: 100% Merlot sourced from prime growing areas throughout California result in black cherry, dusty chocolate and blackberry flavors finishing soft with ripe plum notes. This wine is packaged in the first 1 liter PET bottle for wine in the US. One liter offers 33 percent more wine than a standard 750ml bottle.

· Louis Bernard 2007 Bonus Passus Côtes du Rhône AOC: a spicy, Grenache-based red from the Rhône Valley that is well-balanced with red-berry fruit flavors and a long finish.

· Yellow Jersey 2007 Pinot Noir: a fruity red from the South of France with blackcurrant aromas, soft tannins and a silky finish.

And these three wines are all packaged in PET bottles. PET stands for Polyethylene terephthalate, a BPA-free lightweight plastic. The newest form of alternative packaging for wine, a PET bottle has 50% less carbon footprint than glass and is much more environment-friendly than glass. It takes less energy to produce, less energy to ship and is easily recyclable. What’s not to love about that?

Second, and Boisset are partnering with EarthEra, a unique program that provides businesses, institutions and consumers the opportunity to build new renewable energy facilities in the United States. will direct 10 percent of the retail price of the Eco Wine Trio (which is only $29.99) to the Some super green stuff going on here!

Finally, the wine is good! I’d admit I was skeptical when tasting Burgundy Pinot Noir from a plastic bottle with a bright label, but the wine was juicy, fruity and balanced. All three wines are well-done and easy-drinking.

So sit back and enjoy your wine knowing you are helping the planet!