Vacation Vino

A quick trip to Hawaii earlier this week was quite delightful. Beautiful weather, great views, long swims in the ocean. And due to resort prices,sunset we shipped ourselves some vino from the site. In between Pina Coladas and the occasional Mai Tai, here are three wines we tried (and recommend).

Bodegas Berroja Berroia Txakoli 2008 – Deliciously refreshing wine from Spain, with aromas of flowers, citrus and minerals. Palate has some excellent acidity but with a very round texture. Excellent summer wine and aperitif. About $18.

Bieler Rose Sabine 2008 – This may be my new favorite rose. I loved this wine! Dry, mineral-driven, but with excellent red fruits that make it a beautiful well-balanced wine. I may have been in Hawaii drinking it in a plastic cup, but for a moment I felt like I was in Provence. Drink as an aperitif or with olives and cheese or other appetizers. And only about $12

Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir 2007 – Um, yeah, this wine rocks. Pinot Noir from South Africa? You bet. And it’s darn good. Hails from the Walker Bay area where Burgundian style soils and a cool sea breeze make for an excellent Pinot Noir breeding ground. Has that typical South African smokiness, but very well tamed by the delicate fruit and spice. Recommend with some venison or other game perhaps. This was a splurge wine for us, at $45. 

Happy drinking!

2 thoughts on “Vacation Vino”

  1. I tried your suggestion of Bieler Rose Sabine 2008 this weekend. I Paired the rose with cedar smoked salmon filet i made on my new grill! Yummy wine. Great cooking wine, or i should say wine you cook with. Also went well with the salmon. Lots of fruit flavors and strength for a rose. I may just open the second bottle i bought this weekend!

  2. Hamilton Russell Vineyards concentrates on only two grape varieties – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir – because they believe these are best suited for the terroir of Walker Bay, South Africa. It’s ruby in color, with aromas of cherries and warm “winter” spices like vanilla and cinnamon.

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